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I. 4160 Surgical camera and accessories:外科手術用照相機及其附件是用來記錄g手術過程的器材。
CUDA LLS-5500 Wireless LED Headlight無線頭燈系統
CUDA Surgical’s LLS-5500 Wireless LED Headlight offers the ability to be untethered from a light source or remote battery pack while providing bright, white light with a uniform spot. The lightweight RCS headband provides comfort and stability where a wireless headlight is preferred.
Camera System HD攝影系統
With the surgeon’s point-of-view onscreen, teams collaborate easier and ensure procedure success. Surgical footage can seamlessly be shared with colleagues, at conferences and symposiums, and for surgical training and education.
This one-of-a-kind, robust system includes a built-in image stabilizer that works in real-time, helping to reduce the impact of surgeon head movement and resulting in an image that is more comfortable for staff and audiences to view.
The Sunoptic HDC–300 HD Headlight Camera System provides superb videos and still images that are unparalleled in quality when presenting a surgeon’s unique point-of-view of the surgical site. See the difference this revolutionary system can make for your entire surgical team today. Call to schedule a no charge, no obligation trial.
100W LED光源系統/LED光源機
Cuda Surgical® LED-3000 is a high brightness white LED light source that delivers clear white light required by today’s surgeon’s to accurately and precisely distinguish tissue color. A simple solution to the illumination needs in the specialties of endoscopy, surgical microscopy, and laparoscopy. The LED-3000 model includes constant current LED drive electronics, thermal management, collimating optics, and your choice of fiber optic cable single port or 4-port turret (Acmi, Wolf, Storz, and Olympus) and the detection of a fiber optic end tip.
CUDA Surgical LED ELITE-9500 10W頭燈系統
CUDA Surgical’s LED headlight produces an unparalleled bright, white light with superior battery life so you can work without interruption. Revolutionary Rear Cranial Support design will create a new wearing experience – lightweight,comfortable, flexible and durable.
ELITE1000 光源機
Standard to this model is a 1000 hour lamp, lamp life hour meter on the rear panel and 5600k color temperature.
TITAN X300光源機
300 watts of Bright White light, Enhanced Quality, Whisper Quiet Operation.
TITAN X350光源機
The TITAN’s 300 watts of Bright White light is superior to any other 300 watt system in the market due to the advanced optic design.
TITAN X450光源機
The TITAN’s 400 watts of Bright White light is the only lightsource on the market that delivers this amount of light to the surgical site.
Sunoptics Surgical LED4000 is a state-of-the-art LED Lightsource designed to provide light for Headlight and endoscopic procedures. The lumen output is comparable to many Xenon lightsources currently being used in endoscopy. The expected LED life of 30,000 hours eliminates the need to purchase replacement lamps, thus saving money in operational cost.